Terms & Conditions

Basic Rules

Your dog(s) remains your responsibility at all times.

Our dog paddock is regularly checked for cleanliness, security issues and litter but please do pick up your own dog waste. We ask that everyone takes responsibility for their own dogs waste to help maintain a clean and pleasant environmental so that everyone can enjoy visiting a clean dog paddock.

If you notice any maintenance issues please report it to us on 07742587755 or via brampfordspekedogpaddock@gmail.com, so we can get it fixed as soon as possible to keep the dog paddock safe.

Terms & Conditions of Field Hire

For our dog paddock there is no PIN code so there is no induction on arrival. All the information you will need will be available in our field shelter on arrival to the dog paddock.

Opening hours:-
Open daily throughout the year.
1st February – 30th September : 6am – 9pm
1st October – 31st January : 7am – 5pm

After successfully booking online you will receive a text/email confirming the time you have booked.

When arriving at the dog paddock please wait at the main gate until the previous customer/user has left the car parking area (the car park is part of the booking and is a secure area). The drive to the dog paddock is hard standing as well as the secure car parking area). You can drive in the secure parking area, close the gate behind and close the gate behind you before letting your dog out of the car. There is parking for 2 cars. Please notify us if there is going to be more than 2 cars.

If the previous customer/user of the dog paddock has over run please notify us by email – brampfordspekedogpaddock@gmail.com. Likewise should you find someone using the dog paddock that has not made a booking please let us know by using the email addressed previously mentioned.

To keep the cost to our customer(s)/user(s) to a minimum at present there are no dog waste bins in the dog paddock. Dog waste bags are provided in our field shelter.

There are picnic benches for your use. We would politely ask you to take your litter home.

There are toilet facilities adjacent to the dog paddock (children must be accompanied by an adult) but please note the water is NOT for human consumption.

There is a cold water/hose pipe for washing your dog/your boots if necessary. Again please note the water is NOT for human consumption.

Dog’s Health & Handling

We will not be held responsible for your dog escaping from our dog paddock/secure parking area. During dog paddock hire the customer/user is to be held responsible for their dog(s) at all times.

Please make sure your dog(s) vaccinations and wormers are up to date. If your dog(s) or any dog(s) it lives with is showing ill health (coughing, diarrhoea, vomiting, general lethargy etc.) please cancel the booking or ask for the booking to be rescheduled by providing at least 48 hours notice.

Please do not enter the dog paddock/secure parking area until the previous customer/user has left the dog paddock with their dog(s).


Each booking is for 60 minutes/30 minutes. You must leave the field promptly so it is available for the next customer/user’s booking – on the hour/half hour.

If a customer/user arrives late, the booking cannot be extended unless authorised by the owners.

It is the customer/user’s responsibility to ensure the gate is locked from the inside whilst in the dog paddock.

Please ensure there is no litter left in the dog paddock or secure parking area as this presents a risk to dogs and looks untidy.

Payment, Cancellations and Rescheduling

Payment for dog paddock hire is made at the time of the booking.

Any appointments cancelled unfortunately cannot be refunded but provided we are given sufficient notice (at least 48 hours) we are happy to see if your appointment can be rescheduled (subject to availability).

The Dog Paddock

This agreement does not create any rights over the adjoining land/property of the owner and the customer/user accepts the owner maintains control and possession of the dog paddock at all times.

It is recommended customers/users inspect the dog paddock prior to use to ensure that it is suitable to use by their dog(s) regarding fence height and proximity to any farm animals/horses that may be grazing in adjoining fields.

Our dog paddock is on good draining soil but during the winter/poorer weather in summer!! the dog paddock may be muddy and waterproof boots are advised.

Children are welcome in the dog paddock but must be supervised by an adult at all times but please prevent them from shouting or screaming – to respect our neighbours.

Agility Obstacles

Please note agility obstacles may be included or taken away at the owners discretion and that dog(s) use the agility obstacles at their/the customer/user’s risk


We only retain your contact details in the event of having to contact you regarding your booking. The information will not be shared to any other parties.


The dog paddock camera may be viewed from time to time to monitor correct use of the dog paddock or in case of damage to our property, excess dog fouling problems or by request of a customer (customers will not have access to the recordings – we will report back any findings). We will not share any images or data from the CCTV camera unless asked to do so by an authority (i.e. the Police).