Our Paddock


You drive into the enclosed hard standing secure parking area, shut the gate behind you and then let your dog(s) out. Let your dog(s) run free in a secure field, that you have sole use of for your booking.

The postcode for the dog paddock is EX5 5HJ (New Sowdens Farm). Please follow the signs on entry to the farm. (Access to the dog paddock is to the right of the farm building – follow the blue signs on entrance to our farm and the wooden signs kindly made by a customer.

Currently you do not require a PIN code to access the dog paddock but we may have to review this in the future.

We have fenced the 2 acre dog paddock with 6 foot secure deer fencing.

Private hire for 1 hour (55 minutes field use, 5 minutes to exit)) or 30 minute (25 minutes field use, 5 minutes to exit). Bookings available are for 1 dog or up to 3 dogs per booking. If you wish to bring additional dogs there is provision on our booking page to include additional dogs. We allow up to 6 dogs.

As stated above please allow 5 minutes at the end of your slot to exit the field to ensure it is vacant when the next person arrives.

MAXIMUM of 2 cars in the enclosed hard standing secure parking area at any one time – please advise us if there are going to be more cars.

Our dog paddock is ideal for customers wanting to;

  • Exercise their dog off the lead in a secure area
  • Dogs in training
  • Bitches in season
  • People who can’t walk their dog long distances
  • Wheelchair/pushchairs
  • Reactive dogs
  • Nervous owners
  • Dogs with poor recall
  • Puppies or rescue dogs, where you are unsure how they will behave off the lead
  • Allows owners, dog walkers or trainers to relax by having a private space

Please note

We provide dog waste bags but to to keep costs to a minimum we have NOT provided a dog waste bin.

Please DO NOT enter the secure parking area or the dog paddock until the previous person has left!

Water is provided for your dogs but it is NOT for human consumption.

We have public liability insurance.


Our dog paddock is regularly checked for cleanliness, security issues and litter but please do pick up your own dog waste. We ask that everyone takes responsibility for their own dogs waste to help maintain a clean and pleasant environmental so that everyone can enjoy visiting a clean dog paddock.