Privacy Policy

The security of your data is taken seriously. It is necessary to keep your login details (email, address and phone number(s)) to enable us to contact you regarding your timeslot reminders, visit notes, paddock updates, any problems with your booking/timeslot or any other emails relating to your booking with or visit to the dog paddock. By registering with Brampford Speke Dog Paddock accessing our booking calendar and creating a reservation you are opting in and agreeing to Bramford Speke Dog Paddock keeping your data. Your data will never be sold, leased or shared with any third party.

Please note that we will keep your data for a maximum of six months. If within those six months you have not visited Brampford Speke Dog Paddock, we will delete all your data from our booking system. If you do visit Brampford Speke Dog Paddock we will keep your information for as long as you use the paddock, (or up to one year after your last visit unless you contact us to remove your data before one year has passed) but we will not contact you with news/events. Details removed from the booking system will still be kept on file for the minimum time allowed for tax purposes.

Any new/events will be shared via social media platforms especially our Facebook page you follow, like or join the group pages or social media platforms, Brampford Speke Dog Paddock will consider this to be affirmation of your consent for any comments or photos you post to be shared among Brampford Speke Dog Paddock related pages (please note we do not have control over others sharing your photos, comments etc if shared on our public page) unless you notify us by email as otherwise. By messaging Brampford Speke Dog Paddock, it is deemed that you have given us permission to contact you via the same media unless you inform us otherwise. You have the right to leave or unfollow any or all Brampford Speke Dog Paddock social media accounts at any time.

Payments on the booking page are made through Stripe who have their own privacy policy. By signing up to use Stripe you are agreeing to their policy. Any BACS payments are covered by the proprietors bank or your bank/building society.

CCTV – Our dog paddock, driveway to farmhouse and yard are covered by 24 hour recording CCTV. Recordings are kept for 14 days then written over. To ensure your privacy whilst in the dog paddock, the dog paddock camera will only be viewed in a case of damage to our property, excess dog fouling problems or by request of a customer (customers will not have access to the recordings-we will report back any findings). We will not share any images or data from the cameras unless asked by an authority (i.e. the police).